Monday, December 17, 2007

Dumas the Six-Point Buck

I dropped my boss Phyllis off at the LaCross Airport early
on Sunday morning. On my way back home, in between Hokah
and Caledonia, on one of the curves, I met
Dumas the Six-Point Buck. Please note the American pronunciation,
not the French. I impacted with him on the front right corner
of the car. He took out the front panel, passenger mirror,
and dented the front door. I am of the theory that he blew out the
tire as well because I spun out. 360+180. I remember seeing the
guardrail go by and thinking I’m not sure if missing the guardrail
is a good thing. I went down the steep embankment. I proceeded to
roll the car one and a quarter times.I remember thinking ‘I’ve
always been told you don’t remember it when you roll a car. I
remember everything. Gee, you usually don’t see snow, grass, and weeks
across the front window.’ I came to rest on passenger side.
As I hung in the car, I took a quick inventory. Yup, hit my head.
Ouch. Lost my hat and glasses in the roll. Hm, knee hurts; must
have banged it on the steering wheel. Shoulder and neck a little stiff.
That’s going to hurt tomorrow. I proceeded to climb out of the car.
It had the sense of climbing out of submarine. A couple of passerbyes
stopped to help me. One of them drove to the top of the next hill to get
cell phone reception. Yeah, happened in the one spot on the whole trip
that has no cell phone reception.

So, to start the holiday season, I totaled my boss’s car. Sigh.


At 5:37 AM, Anonymous Griffin said...

Holy @#$%. Glad you are ok. All of that and all you say last night while playing CoH is that you updated your blog and that will explain why you are a tired.

At 6:13 AM, Blogger The Lord of Castle Zierath said...

lol. Yeah, that was about the reaction I was hoping for. Raven's Path actually called making sure that I wasn't understating my physical condition. I'm just a little stiff, although some bruising on my left should and knees have started appearing.


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