Monday, July 23, 2007

My Weekend

What a weekend. It was busy, but very complete.

Let’s see, what all did I do…

We did a good job on laying a laminate floor. Thank you Aerock and KAK!
And we filled a dumpster with all sorts of junk.
And we braced the basement.
And in less than 24 hours (18 hours), I did all of that, and I finished the new Harry Potter book. Then on Sunday, I re-read it. Kath now gets a turn.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lil' Z

We went in for the second ultrasound today.

The baby’s head in now about two inches big, which is how big the whole baby was five weeks ago. It’s truly an amazing process. The baby is completely in the normal range for size and weight. We are very happy about that.

We also have pictures. We do not know what sex the baby is. The baby had legs crossed. The technician said that the child was being uncooperative. I just sighed and said we might as well get ready for that.

Ka'Senne is in good shape and good spirits. She is beginning to look a bit pregnant. She’s felt pregnant for quite some time, but, in her own words, is beginning to look like she has an inner tube around her middle. She hasn’t felt the baby moving yet, but I’m sure that is coming.

We, needless to say, are very excited. I’m trying not to be too much the giddy new father, but, heck, that’s what I am…

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hello Nurse!

I recently acquired the first disk set of the Animaniacs. I had forgotten how funny the series was. It's not all just bathroom and burping humor (although there is a little bit of that too). It has some very clever social commentary and takes some 'high culture' and presents it in a very silly way.

One of my favorite little scenes is from the first episode. In a flashback to the '50s, Dr. Scratchnsniff, the Psychiatrist to the Stars, has someone on his couch. It ends up being Ronald Reagan saying, "Well, doctor, I keep having this dream where I am the President of the United States." Scratchnsniff looks at him, and writes down 'Delusions of grandeur. Incurable.' Had me in stitches.

I like a vast majority of the characters - Wakko, Yakko, Dot, Dr. Scratchnsniff, Hello Nurse, Pinky, Brain, and Slappy has grown on me. The ones I can't stand are the Goodfeathers. I just never found them funny. I found them very irritating, actually. I'm going to give them another chance, but, I just want to slap them much like Slappy does with her purse in the introduction each time.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Working Weekend

This coming weekend is going to be a working weekend - at home. I have a couple of friends - Aerock, Laurstra, and their little boy the Owenator coming to help, as well as my high school buddy KAK. We're going to be throwing out all sorts of old rugs and carpets, sofas, loveseats, and other garbage. We're going to be laying laminate flooring in the nursery, then moving our bed back into the nursery so we can tear out the carpet in the bedroom. and we'll be bracing the basement as best we can.

Gee, doens't that sound like fun.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

As You Like It

I have always enjoyed Shakespeare. I know a lot of people groan anytime they see his name, but I enjoy his plays, from Comedy of Errors to The Tempest. I even enjoy his histories (although Richard II is enough to try anyone's patients)

This past weekend I had a chance to go see As You Like It at the Great River Shakespeare Festival. ( It was wonderful; I've missed going to Shakespeare Festivals. Winona's stage is beautiful, from a purely technical standpoint. It is quite the thrust stage. I was sitting in row D and was less than twenty feet away from the actors.

As You Like It is one of Bill's 'dramedies.' There is some drama and death, but for the most part it has a lot of wit and love crossed stories in it. One of the strongest women's roles he wrote, Rosalind, is in the play, and the actress did a fine job. It's also one of the cross-dressing shows. The endings of the dramedies always leave me a little cool, though. Everyone, except who had died earlier in the show, ends up married and any duke who had been forced out of power is peacefully reinstated.

Almost like a Disney film. I knew they had gotten the idea from somewhere...