Friday, March 23, 2007


I've been working on my various projects. The writing is coming along pretty well. I've finished another chapter of The Stone Dees and started on another one. The editing of book 2 is coming along very slowly, and as for book 1...well...I have a confession. I did start the process for submitting it I-Universe (on-line book-thingee that Raven's pointed me at). I got to a point and kind of freaked out. I have a phone number for someone there, and I've been truly procrastinating about getting it done. So, help me get kicked into gear again!

I've been doing some drawing. Here's one of the assignments from 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.' I had to copy this picture by Picasso upside down so I'd look at the shape of the drawing rather than thinking 'this is an eye' and 'this is a finger.' It was hard even upside down to get past that.

I also opened up the 'How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way.' I produced two pictures that eventually I'll paint - probably in the next week-week and a half. They feature my character Mithril Zeta from City of Heroes, as well as a friends villain character the Fenris Project.

Things all in all are going well. I'll have some other interesting news here soon, I think. Ciao!

Friday, March 16, 2007

The other shoe...

I’ve always thought of myself as a man of moderate talent. I’m a Jack of all Trades, master of none. That’s also known as a Renaissance Man, if you want to be a little more dignified. I write. I draw. I paint on the computer. I act. I build databases and websites. I do all these things moderately well, but I don’t do any of these things well enough to make a living at it.

This spring so far has been a time of energizing and renewing hobbies. I’ve been working on my drawing again. My second two ‘assignments’ here – one is of Kath from memory, the other is my hand – are a start on the drawing again.

I’ve been writing in the City of Heroes forums on a regular basis, but have finally been getting back into the habit of writing for my own books. I was up on stage as Winnie-the-Pooh this January, and this April I get to do one of my dream roles of Oscar Madison in ‘The Odd Couple.’ I’ve done some of my painting on my computer, and been updating my Zierath Alliance database. I do enjoy my hobbies.

Things are going pretty well…and the cynic in me is now waiting for something to bust. Whether its my UB grant not being funded, or getting into an accident, or something else bizarre happening to steamroll my equilibrium, I’m really expecting it. Things are finally beginning to go fairly well for Kath and I…waiting for that other shoe to drop…


I guess I’ll enjoy it for as long as it lasts…

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

One of the things I’ve been saying that I need to do for years now is to get back into drawing. My writing has improved and progressed, but my other interests have kind of fallen off. I’m hoping to get myself re-motivated to do more of these, and I’m going to use the ‘blog’ system here to get me started and keep you all updated.

I have the book ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.’ I’m going to be going through it over the next while and hopefully improving as we go.

The first three assignments are to give you a comparison to work from. They are a self-portrait, a portrait from memory, and then a picture of your hand. Here is my first assignment, with the picture I was working from. (it said to use a mirror, but I don’t have a mirror near-by, so this was what I did instead.)

In addition, I’m going to be going through the old ‘How to draw Comics the Marvel Way.’ Hopefully the two will blend together, as well as some other books I’ll be going through.