Monday, April 30, 2007

ARRRG! Computer Crash!

Having a computer crash is very frustrating. The hard drive of my laptop crashed. I have to admit that I suspected something like that may happen. When the techies added an internal Wireless connection, I started having some troubles. I went and thought I backed everything up, and then they came in to fix it, and within a week my computer actually crashed.

They've been able to recover some of my hard drive, and I have the back-ups.

I missed some irreplaceable pictures. Pictures of my 40th birthday party, 2007 Christmas, my Winnie the Pooh Pictures (thank goodness I have those saved on Facebook), and other miscellaneous pictures I'm not sure of what we're missing now. Which really sucks.

I'm a little ticked off. Can you tell?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Ego and Persistance.

You know, once you've lived 40 years, you'd think I'd learn from various mistakes you've made.

Unfortunately, some pieces of your life remain very consistant. Apparently, these seem to be two of mine. My ego does get in my way, and I don't carry through.

I have mentioned a couple of things that I'm working on (assuming my life remains about the same as it currently is...which is a different story all together.) I'm looking at getting my first novel edited and published, and then the possibility of getting a degree in computer animation through the Art Institute of Detroit (at least I think I mentioned brain is fried right now) But I'm concerned my ego will get in my way.

Will I be able to listen to the editor about my Castle Zierath novel, which I have been working on for more than a decade.

For my completely untrained artwork...Well, my portfolio - so called - got rejected by the Art Institute. Then again, I didn't have any idea of what they were looking at. I now know, and I'm planning to spend some time almost every night in May working on what they were looking for.

Will I be able to keep my gut under control? Will I be able to persist in these attempts?

I'm hoping, but those faults are so engrained in who I am, I don't know.