Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Thoughtful Moment

I don’t follow too many blogs. Part of that is admittedly because I don’t which of my friends have blogs. If I knew who did, I would follow them. That aside, one of the blogs I did find is Raven’s Path. Raven is one of my college friends who is passionate for many different artistic pursuits. He is a writer, a creator, and a photographer.

His serious passion right now photography. Late last year, he said he was going to take pictures and post pictures every day. He was reading more about photography, and he was producing some pretty good pictures. The thing is, though, he got bogged down in ‘real life,’ and the photography and posting got to be that ‘one more thing’ that we all dread. He chose to stop doing the daily pictures.

In his latest blog entry, Raven's Path said that was a mistake. He said he’s been reading and reading about photography, but personally won’t get any better until he actually starts taking pictures again. A photographer takes pictures. As I read that, it struck a chord with me. I am doing the exact same thing that Raven’s Path is doing.

I am a Renaissance Man. I write. I draw. I animate. I create. I network. I sculpt. I am good with technology. I am ‘passing fair’ at all of these things, but I am not doing enough with them.

I have not written a chapter for any of my books for almost a year and a half. Outside of my homework, I have drawn almost nothing. Outside of class, I have animated almost nothing. I haven’t added anything really new to my Castle Zierath world in a year. I barely keep in contact with friends. I haven’t sculpted anything since I needed a model head for one of my classes.

I am re-dedicating me to my creative self. I will be writing chapters again, and completing the final edit on my novel (and reviewing what my wonderful friends have edited). I will draw and animate outside of class (got my first three projects all set to go). I am currently working on adapting my high school gaming groups to the Castle Zierath world. I am going to keep in better contact with my friends and family – my ‘network.’ And I will get better at my knowledge with technology – this one will come easier because every part of my life is tied to technology.

There are two roles that will take precedence over all others. One is husband; the other is father. I will be supportive, reliable, and consistent as well as loving.


At 3:23 PM, Blogger Raven's Path said...

Wow! Thank you LZ. I'm glad my post struck a chord with you. While I'm still not taking pictures and posting daily I am taking more pictures. And now that the weather is nice I am planning on getting out a few days a week and take some photos.


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